Cosmetic Tattoo Artist


United States

Services & Pricing

$600 USD
Lip Blush
$450 USD
From $250 USD
Beauty Mark
$100 USD
Tooth Gems
From $75 USD


Microblading/Lip Blush Second Session
$200 USD
Microblading Annual Refresher
$350 USD
Lip Blush Annual Refresher
$300 USD


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About Karbie

Karbie is a cosmetic tattoo artist with a background in design and experience in the management side of the tattoo industry.

After receiving microblading herself and experiencing how life-changing waking up with beautiful brows felt, she was inspired to make the career jump into the cosmetic tattoo world!

Karbie puts her own special touch on her work and she has devoted all her energy towards perfecting these specific beauty enhancing skills.

Through microblading and lip blushing, Karbie found that her artistry not only enhances the clients natural beauty but also discovered that a byproduct of her craftsmanship was that many of her clients experienced a boost of self-confidence and self-esteem. She considers this to be the most motivating factor in providing her best service for each and every client.

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