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About Juliany

Juliany has been tattooing professionally for over 7 years. She’s a talented multidisciplinary artist who’s been creating art for as long as she can remember. Formally graduated in Fashion Design, she had a brief taste of the fashion world working at the backstage of Louis Vuitton fashion shows but ultimately felt that her dream job was elsewhere. After her time in the fashion industry, she attended a Fine Arts, animation and history program. With time she understood that her true passion is the creative process itself, the experience with the artmedia and the canvas she’s working with whether it be fabric, digital screen or the skin.

Her artwork is diverse and she is passionate for creating small, intricate details in tattoos. Her signature designs often feature elements of nature, whimsical and fairytale motifs, jewels, classical arts and vintage aesthetics. She works with black-and-grey and colors.

Juliany specializes in micro-realism and she brings her own touch with her previous experience working with various mediums. With her knowledge in garment creation she gained a deeper understanding in designing pieces that flow with the body’s natural curves.
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