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Services & Pricing

Lip Blush
$500 CAD
Lip Neutralization
$550 CAD


Correction Work
$550 CAD
Second Session
$150 CAD
Annual Refresher
$350 CAD


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About Aleena

Aleena is an advocate for natural beauty. She believes less is always more. We all carry one simple yet powerful tool and that is — our smile. 

With her experience in dentistry, Aleena regularly treats and enhances smiles on a daily basis. She works well with hands-on tasks, is detail-oriented and understands the importance of building trust, transparency, and openness with her clients.

Aleena specializes in Lip Blush and Dark Lip Neutralization. She prides herself in working with difficult skin types, offering a “neutralizing" tattoo service to people of colour, and has in-depth knowledge of colour theory to deliver high-quality, natural-looking results. She continues to take masterclasses from world-renowned artists to advance her skill set to produce work that is nothing short of perfection. In short, her expertise is helping individuals attain their self confidence on a permanent level. Allow Aleena to help you create and maintain that perfect smile.

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