Cosmetic Tattoo Artist


United States

Services & Pricing

Nano Brows
$800 USD
Combo Brows
$825 USD
Powder Brows
$775 USD


Microblading/Nano/Combo/Powder Second Session
$200 USD
Microblading/Nano/Combo/Powder Annual Refresher
$350 USD


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About Maddie

Maddie has always been into creative projects and learning new art forms. When she discovered makeup at a young age, Maddie was hooked immediately. What started as a hobby inevitably led to a career in cosmetic retail. She quickly unearthed a new passion for skincare, and that she ultimately loved helping people feel beautiful and confident. 

Maddie attended the Aveda Arts and Sciences Institute of Minneapolis for Esthiology. Shortly after graduating she landed a training opportunity in the cosmetic tattooing industry. After starting her apprenticeship in November 2021, she quickly realized this was exactly what she was meant to do. 

Maddie specializes in natural, realistic eyebrow enhancements. She craves knowledge and learning new techniques. As a born and raised midwestern girl, she’s super excited to further her career on the west coast!

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