Cosmetic Tattoo Artist


United States

Services & Pricing

$500 USD
Combo Brows
$575 USD
From $250 USD
Lip Blush
$450 USD


Microblading/Combo Brows/Lip Blush Second Session
$200 USD
Microblading/Combo Brows/ Lip Blush Refresher
$350 USD


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About Sullivan

Sullivan has an undying passion for the art and beauty industry, and making others feel beautiful in their skin. She has been obsessed with makeup, hair and all things creative for as long as she can remember. She jumped head first into the makeup industry right after high school, where she wound up assisting some of the greatest makeup artists in the industry. She has worked with celebrities and incredible creative teams that inspire her every day.

She loved working in the makeup industry but she was craving more. That's when she found cosmetic tattooing and instantly fell in love. She now specializes in hyper-realistic results, leaving her clients feeling confident and beautiful when they look in the mirror each day. She has a constant hunger to learn and grow with every client she takes and never stops expanding her talents. Ultimately, what Sullivan loves about this craft is creating art and making others feel beautiful to their core.

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