Cosmetic Tattoo Artist


United States

Services & Pricing

$700 USD
Nano Brows
$750 USD
Combo Brows
$700 USD
Powder Brows
$650 USD
Lip Blush
$500 USD
$150 - $250 USD
Areola Tattooing
By consultation


Microblading/Nano/Combo/Powder Second Session
$200 USD
Microblading/Nano/Combo/Powder Annual Refresher
$350 USD


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About Ari

Ari was diagnosed with cancer at 16 years old.  Overcoming a long battle of declining health and losing many of her natural born features due to treatments took a deep toll on her. Yet, she pushed herself to make the best of the situation and live a ‘normal’ teenage life. She taught herself to do makeup, so she could feel confident enough to go out in the world again. 

Learning to draw on natural eyebrows from scratch, and create different looks, allowed her to feel comfortable in her skin. This profound new feeling fueled a new fire inside of her soul. Just a little confidence changed her whole outlook on life, and she knew she wanted to help people going through the same insecurities. 

Her pursuit of a rewarding career in the beauty industry began from there. She obtained her esthetician license in 2017, completed the leading makeup classes for survivors, and finally went on to receive her certification in permanent makeup. She continues to educate herself daily to be the most compassionate, creative and trustworthy artist for her clients. 

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