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"SASHIKO 刺し子 is a Japanese style of needlework. Literally meaning “little stabs," Sashiko stitching is a simple yet elegant embroidery style that creates repeating patterns of varying complexity."


STUDIO SASHIKO is a new concept studio and boutique retail front located in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Our mission is to provide a high quality experience in a comfortable and professional atmosphere. Our service list includes cosmetic tattooing, scalp micropigmentation, areola restorative tattooing, and eyelash extensions.

We strongly believe in embracing the Japanese art of tebori, which is the technique of tattooing by hand. We take pride in the meticulous and detailed process of tattooing realistic hair strokes one by one to create the illusion of fullness. Our studio name, STUDIO SASHIKO, is inspired by the decorative embroidery styles that adorn traditional indigo dyed fabrics in Japan. This method is called sashiko, meaning "little stabs".

Our in-store retail section boasts a fine selection of carefully curated Japanese housewares, accessories, and gifts as well as locally designed and created apothecary and beauty products.