Tanya's career in Microblading began in 2016. After discovering what microblading was, she was instantly hooked and became obsessed with researching and learning all about the process. It wasn't long before she decided she wanted to learn and start working in the field. After carefully choosing an artist's work that she admired, she decided to fly to Toronto to learn the procedure. Her career and her skill began to evolve and she was offered a full-time position at Studio Sashiko in November of 2016.

Tanya has been living on the West Coast since 2012, but make no mistake, she is a Winnipegger at heart. Being of Portuguese decent, she completely understands the struggle that so many women have gone through with having plucked away at their beautiful eyebrow hair when they were younger, and now looking for a fix. 

Tanya says that she truly enjoys what she does and that the best part of working in this industry is being able to help women achieve an improved lifestyle and confidence that they can benefit from daily.