Chay grew up creating art with watercolours, oil painting, drawing, singing and making music with any instrument she could get her hands on. She had been friends with Kyle and Shaughnessy for quite a few years and when Shaughnessy started microblading she was blown away. 
When she was young, she had some very unique brows, They were big ol' caterpillar brows. She unfortunately plucked them all away, and alas she was a product of the 90's.

Though they were overly plucked, they were always shaped to match the current (cringe worthy) trends. Since starting her apprenticeship with Shaughnessy she quickly fell in love with giving people their dream brows. Chaylene has been working at Studio Sashiko since 2016, she loves creating natural fluffy brows for clients, adding freckles and seeing their reaction when she hands them the mirror. When Chay and her husband Shan aren't at the studio, they're most likely travelling or drinking coffee in their dream house with their little orange cat Möwglii and staffy Vegemite.