FRECK Freckle Cosmetic

FRECK Freckle Cosmetic


The original freckle cosmetic: quick, realistic, buildable.

We are the first and only Canadian Freck retailer!

Instructions for use:

  • Holding the brush vertically, start to apply Freck to your face in small constellations of 3-5 dots. Continuing to add Freck without re-dipping the brush will create a natural looking variance of shades. Blot with your finger tip to soften the shape of your frecks and create a subtle base layer. Add some more defined frecks for varied shades. Set with powder (or don’t) and repeat!

  • Freck is a buildable formula. 
  • Freck can be worn with or without other makeup, touch up as you do with your other products. Freck is a long wear freckle that will wash off with your makeup.

Made in California.

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