BRAND & IRON Sandalwood + Lavender Candle

BRAND & IRON Sandalwood + Lavender Candle


These sustainable candles are poured in small batches studio using high quality, non-GMO sustainable soy wax and a braided cotton wick. Scented using high quality essential oils and small amounts of perfume grade natural fragrance oil made from chemical free botanicals. 

Brand & Iron candles contain no parabens and other harmful or toxic ingredients. 

Notes: Woodsy base notes of sandalwood, blended lightly with oak moss and patchouli and rounded out with a lavender finish.

Burning Instructions: 
Burn for a minimum of 1 hour to create an even burn pool, avoid tunneling, and achieve a sufficient scent throw. Trim wick prior to each use. Never leave candle unattended or burning for longer than 4 hours. 

Candle burn time: 40+ hours

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