Hello everyone!

We wanted to take a few minutes to address many of your concerns regarding the booking process through our website. We COMPLETELY understand that many of you are, and have been, frustrated with not being able to get an appointment booked. We hear your concerns, and will continue to look for and try new ways to make it easier and better for everyone. We care about everyone’s happiness and satisfaction, wether you were able to book an appointment or not.

Today, our booking website received over 2000 unique visits to the site in a matter of minutes. That doesn’t even count page refreshes. That is more than 2000 of you trying to access the same appointments at the same time. I assure you we will look other solutions, but we’re not sure of any site that can handle that amount of traffic. That reason alone is why we can not take appointments over the phone or in person. We truly want to be as fair as we can for everyone.

We originally booked out 90-days at a time, but based on the feedback we received from you guys, we decided to only book a month at a time. That way, if you weren’t able to book an appointment, you didn’t have to wait 90-days to try to book again. Now we’re releasing a month’s worth of appointments, every single month.

We also hear the the frustration of selecting a date/time, filling out your info, only to then be told that that time slot was booked. Here is some clarity on how that works. Technically, the booking system holds your spot for 60 minutes, while you input your payment info. However, because thousands of you are trying to book the available slots, it is inevitable that some of you are clicking on the exact same appointments at the exact same second. At that point, the first person to checkout is the one securing the spot, and everyone else sees that the spot has been taken. This process is out of our hands. We will look at other online booking systems, however this is how most of them work.

Both Shaughnessy & Audrey work 5 days a week and they must also allow time in their days for their touch-up appointments. They open up as many new appointments per month as they possibly can, and they will continue to look for more ways to be able accommodate as many of you as possible.

We will update this post more as we address more of your concerns, but we wanted to get this out there as quickly as possible. We love you all. Every one of you. And we want to assure you that we are doing our very best to try to make this as fair, and as seamless as we possibly can!

Thank you for reading this!

Studio Sashiko

Studio Sashiko