Tomorrow, December 15th 2015 at 11:00am Pacific Time, Shaughnessy & Audrey will be opening up their February 2016 appointments for Eyebrows. Because we know that many of you have been waiting quite some time for these appointments, we wanted to take this opportunity to talk about what the booking process will be like.

Some of you tried booking January 2016 appointments last month and had some trouble with the calendar loading. For some, you were able to select a date and time, only to be told at the end of the payment process that appointment date/time was not available anymore. We understand your concerns, and we attempted to explain the process in a Facebook post last month. What happens is, there are so many of you trying to book the appointments that are available, that the system can only accept whoever completes the entire selection/payment process the quickest. (Example: If 10 of you select the exact same date/time, the system will allow all 10 of you to attempt to pay, but whoever completes the process the quickest will secure that spot.) We know this can be frustrating, but it is simply what happens when many people try to obtain something that is in a limited quantity. (Think about Apple’s website when a new iPhone launches, or the Adidas website when Kanye drops a new Yeezy Boost… That said, we KNOW we’re not as cool as Apple or Adidas, but you get the idea!)

Some people ask, “What about booking appointments in person, or over the phone?”. We want to address that as well. If we book appointments in person, that would not be fair to our clients that travel from all over the globe to see us. Only local people would be able to come here in person to book, or our traveling clients would have to make two trips. We’re not ok with that. We want to do our best to be fair to EVERYONE! As far as booking over the phone, that would be essentially the same process as booking online (whoever can get through would get the appointment), however taking your credit card info over the phone is risky for both us as a business and you as well. So we leave the credit card processing to the professionals through our site.

So here’s what to expect tomorrow… The site may not load, if/when it does load it may be very slow, you may select a date/time only to be told that appointment has been booked already… Hopefully we’ve now addressed those issues. 

Shaughnessy & Audrey are working VERY hard every single day to make sure they are as available as they can be for you guys, and we will continue to look for ways to have even more openings in the future. (Like changing from booking 90-days out to only booking 30-days at a time.) The team here at Studio Sashiko takes a lot of pride in our work, and we are committed to providing a fun, caring, positive environment both in person and through our various social media accounts. We respect everyone’s opinion and concerns, but addressing them in a positive way is a must. We do not tolerate harsh negativity anywhere, especially on social media.

Thank you all for reading this and most of all for your continued support! We love all of you, even if we haven’t met you yet!

Studio Sashiko Team

Studio Sashiko