First and foremost, thank you to all of you for the overwhelming support! We do what we do every day for you guys, and you are what motivates us to get better. Not just in style & technique, but in business as well.


Every month, we get a mix of positive/excited/supportive comments and negative/upset/hateful comments. And while we love the first kind, we respect BOTH types of feedback. So, we wanted to take some time to respond to all of you publicly.


Let’s start with basics, numbers. Each eyebrow artist is available to take between 20-25 new appointments each month. (This allows enough time in that month to also schedule touch-up appointments for our clients that have already had their initial appointment.) In today’s scenario, only Shaughnessy & Audrey were booking for April, meaning there were approx. 40-50 new appointment slots available. On the other side of the queue system, there were over 700 of you getting in that queue to get into the site.


That brings us to the queue system. In order to be fair to everyone, the queue system was implemented to alleviate the strain put on the website and booking system, so that there wouldn’t be any crashes/calendar not loading/etc.


So, here’s how the queue works. Before the queue starts, there is a pre-queue (the page with the countdown timer). The pre-queue assigns visitors a random place in line for when the queue begins. Once the queue has started, you are let into the site in the order you have been assigned. Think of it as a bouncer for a night club, letting people in, in an orderly fashion. (The queue will tell you how many people are in front of you, but that does not take into account the number of people that have already been let in.)


Once you are in the site, you have access to the booking calendars for each artist. Days that have time slots available will have green squares next to the date. Days that have no availability will have grey squares next to the date. That being said, getting into the site after going through the queue does not guarantee that there will be an appointment available.


We’ve tried many systems and processes, and our goal is always the same… Being fair to everyone! To accommodate more appointments, we’ve added more artists, and will continue to do so. As we get more artists, we’ll need more places for them work, so stay tuned for news about that! ;)


Again, and most importantly… Thank you! All of you!


Studio Sashiko Team!

Studio Sashiko